The Best Humidifiers to Buy in 2018

Overly dry air in the house can lead to a range of issues. Some, like itchy skin and chapped lips, are merely irritating, but dry air can also worsen respiratory conditions like asthma and raise our risk of sinus troubles, the common cold, and the flu. Humidifiers can increase the moisture in the air and help guard against these problems, whether it’s in one small room or an entire home. Just because you’re on the go doesn’t mean you should suffer through bad air quality. From nights in hotels to hopping off a plane, the ejoai Cool Mist Humidifier is an easy travel option to take with you wherever you go. Unlike bulky humidifiers, this one is designed with a sleek build to fit snugly into tight spaces. At 60 ounces, it’s your best bet for a better night’s sleep. The ejoai Cool Mist Humidifier features an easy-to-use control to mist. It automatically shut off for safer use. Experts say it has a generous water tank given its size. Many also rave about the style, which looks great on a bedside table. They do warn that refilling the tank can be messy, but they say the stylish stature makes up for this quality.

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